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Volunteer Services: Adult Program

Discover our volunteer opportunities, unique service groups, and other opportunities in League City!

The Adult Volunteer Program is for ages 18+.

Adult Volunteers are an essential part of Helen Hall's success in serving the community.  Committed adult are always needed to assist staff with operations, mentor new volunteers, and spearhead or co-lead programs! 

What Does a Volunteer Do?
Volunteers come from all over the greater League City area to serve at Helen Hall in it's mission to the community!  Volunteer tasks and responsibilities will vary, depending on the needs of the library at the time of your volunteer shift or based on a volunteer's specific assignment/role. Prospective volunteers can select from three of the following to apply for: Craft Assistant, Operational Support, Program Assistant, Reviewer, Shelving Assistant, and Special Events Assistant.

Craft Assistant includes, but is not limited to:

  • Cutting out shapes and other materials
  • Coloring
  • Painting
  • Gluing

Operational Support includes, but is not limited to:

  • Dusting the shelves
  • Removing New Book stickers from books
  • Stamping discards
  • Assisting with weeding materials from the collection
  • Searching for titles on overdue/claims returned material list

Program Assistant includes, but is not limited to:

  • Assisting with setting up and breaking down programs
  • Assisting with the program as needed, which may include taking photos or videos

A Reviewer will do the following:

  • Write reviews on the books, movies, TV shows, CDs, and video games that are available in the library's collection
  • A 300 word writing sample is required to be turned in along with your application in order to be considered for the position

Shelving Assistant includes, but is not limited to:

  • Shelve materials in one or more sections of the library
  • Straighten the shelves in one or more sections of the library

A Special Events Assistant includes, but is not limited to:

  • Assisting with special one-off, seasonal, and/or outreach events as needed
  • Assisting with setting up, breaking down, and helping with guests

Volunteers are always invited and encouraged to present new ideas for programs or creative ways to volunteer.  As long as your idea helps fulfill the mission of Helen Hall Library, we'll work together to try and make your idea happen!

What's the commitment?

Learning all of the different skills that will help you be most effective as a volunteer at the library takes time and training.  As such, an Adult Volunteer is asked to commit to working at least 6 hours per term, or 24 hours in a fiscal year (October-September), to be considered an active member of the volunteer team.  Our semester break down is as follows:

  • Spring Term: March-May
  • Summer Term: June-August
  • Fall Term: September-November
  • Winter Term: December-February

**At the end of every semester, the Volunteer Coordinator will do an hours check to confirm volunteers are keeping up with their commitment.  Those who have not kept their commitment will be encouraged to either re-commit for the next semester or will be asked to resign from the program until such a time that their schedule allows for their commitment to be upheld.

How It Works

  1. Pick up an application at the upstairs Reference Desk in the Library or download the application on the right.
  2. Once you complete and sign the application, turn in the application at the upstairs Reference Desk in the Library or scan a submit it on the right.
  3. If your application is accepted, you will be required to undergo a 20-minute informal interview. You will be contacted with a suitable time.
  4. If you pass the interview, you will be notified about the next Volunteer Orientation. Attending this orientation is mandatory before you can begin volunteering.
  5. You will begin being notified of available volunteering shifts and can select up to 2 shifts per week. If you select more shifts, they will not be accepted. Remember, you must commit to 10 hours of volunteer service over a 2-month period.
    *Note: Volunteer shifts are based on library, staff, and event needs so availability will vary. Thank you for your understanding.

The Friends of the Helen Hall Library (FOHHL) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering wider recognition, use, and support of the Helen Hall Library. If you are interested in working in the Friends of Helen Hall Library Bookstore, please click on the photo of Friends volunteers below.

One way they support the library is through the Friends of the Helen Hall Library Bookstore as well as annual large-scale book sale events. The proceeds from these sales as well as membership dues have allowed the library to have:

  • 50th Birthday Celebration Event
  • Library furniture and equipment
  • Shelving and CD cabinets
  • Refreshments for library events
  • Prizes for the Summer Reading Program
  • Memorial book donations for past members

The Friends of the Helen Hall Library Bookstore is open during library hours and is run by members. We are always seeking new members to volunteer to help with the bookstore. The shifts are 1-2 hours per week and flexible to work with your schedule.

The Friends of the Helen Hall Library members enjoy many benefits:

  • Book Store coupons
  • Expanded volunteering opportunities
  • "Friends of the Helen Hall Library Bulletin" digital newsletter (optional)
  • Exclusive invitations to special library events
  • Early access to book sales
  • A vote at the Annual Meeting

Membership is for one calendar year, and here are the membership levels:

  • Student...$5
  • Senior (55+)...$5
  • Individual...$10
  • Family...$20
  • Sustaining...$25
  • Business...$50

Interested in joining the Friends of Helen Hall Library and/or volunteering to run the bookstore? Email for more information.

Application Submission