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Birds of a Feather: Books & Resources

Activities, books, and more to celebrate birding.

Adult Fiction

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Teen Fiction

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Children's Fiction

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Adult Nonfiction

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Children's Nonfiction

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For all eFiction and eNonfiction relating to birds, click here.

Other Resources

  • All About Birds
    All About Birds is a website created by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. It's an enormous online field guide that will tell you all about a bird's behaviors, habitat, history, and calls. In addition, you can see detailed photographs and videos of each bird in action.
  • Audubon's Bird Paintings
    This amazing digital library contains downloadable, full color prints of several of John James Audubon's original bird paintings.
  • Bird Feeder Tips
    FeederWatch has provided a great deal of information on how to attract birds to your own backyard. It includes information about different types of feeders, seeds to attract different kinds, and other important considerations for backyard birds.
  • BirdNote
    BirdNote is a daily podcast featuring bird calls and interesting facts. It's an excellent way to learn new things about birds in less than two minutes a day. In addition to the podcast, this website also contains photographs, blog posts, and other helpful resources.
  • The 4 Keys to Bird Identification
    This article goes over 4 important bird attributes which help with identification. It also provides specific examples to help you contextualize the 4 keys.
  • Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center
    Full-text from more than 1,500 leading hobby books and craft magazines. Try searching the keywords "birding" and "birds."
  • How to Start Birding
    This article from the Audubon Society gives advice on how to prepare for your first birding adventure. Included here is advice on gear, safety (for you and the birds), where to go birding, spotting birds and more.
  • Identifying Birds
    FeederWatch gives an overview of how to identify birds by first writing down/sketching the best description possible. It then lists a number of resources that you can use in addition to your field guide to successfully identify birds.
  • Texas Birds
    Texas Parks and Wildlife's introduction to common birds in Texas.