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Birds of a Feather: Movies & Videos

Activities, books, and more to celebrate birding.

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The Birds (PG-13)        Birdman of Alcatraz (NR)       Kes (PG)               The Seagull (PG-13)      The Goldfinch (R)         The Big Year (PG)




         Hoot (PG)                     The Bird Men (NR)                     Rio (G)                       Birds of Prey (R)              The Raven (R)




Flight of the Phoenix (NR)     Angry Birds (PG)       The Sea Hawk (NR)           Lady Bird (R)               Bird People (NR)         Legal Eagles (PG)




           Bird (R)                        Birdman (R)             Eddie the Eagle (PG-13)   Return to Lonesome Dove   The Wild Life (PG)

Birding Basics & Beyond

Texas Coastal Birds and Birders


Bald Eagle Fun Facts

Birding with Children

Bird Feeding Myths