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Teen Reading Lists: Fantasy

Discover reading list suggestions for teens!

Teen Reading Lists: Fantasy

A world of pure imagination: archetypal characters, magical artifacts, arduous quests, climactic battles, and light vanquishing the darkness.

Dark Fantasy

Featuring monsters with real bit, morally gray anti-heroes, and combining fantasy and horror elements, these books are a mix of magic and the macabre.

Epic Fantasy

Heroes rise, empires fall, good and evil battle through it all. These often multi-volume fantasy sagas feature detailed world-building, a sprawling cast, and intricate plotting.

Fairy Tale and Folklore-Inspired

These stories are steeped in the rich heritage of folk literature from cultures all around the world.

Fantasy Mystery

Whodunnit? Shapeshifter, wizard, or fae? Supernaturally skilled sleuths round up the usual suspects in these magical mysteries.

Fantasy Romance

Epic quests, battles between good and evil, and fated love make these romances magical.

Historical Fantasy

These stories feature magic, mythical creatures, and other fantastical otherwise recognizable historical settings and periods.

Magical Realism

The genre blends elements of the fantastic or marvelous with the everyday. This style originated in Latin America, but has since been emulated by writers all over the world.

Mythological Fiction

Gods and goddesses come down from the heavens to meddle in the affairs of mortals in these stories influenced by world mythology.


These books include elements of the supernatural without being particularly scary.

Urban Fantasy

Starring streetwise protagonists and set in gritty cities, these books feature fast-paced, action-packed plots fueled by supernatural and occult elements.