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Teen Reading Lists: LGBTQ+

Discover reading list suggestions for teens!

Teen Reading Lists: LGBTQ+

These titles include a plotline with LGBTQ+ themes and characters in a central role.

Realistic Fiction

These stories concern the everyday lives and conflicts of teens.


Step back in time with these stories and read about real life from ancient times to the 20th century.


These stories explore the full spectrum of romantic relationships.


A world of pure imagination: archetypal characters, magical artifacts, arduous quests, climactic battles, and light vanquishing the darkness.


These books include elements of the supernatural. Some are more scary than others!


These mysteries will keep you up at night, reading chapter after chapter, until the truth is revealed.


These thrillers are full of juicy plot twists, high stakes suspense, and flawed characters.

Science Fiction

What if? With varying degrees of realism, Science Fiction depicts the plausible, the improbable, and the seemingly impossible.


These bloodcurdling reads will have you checking the locks and leaving the lights on all night while you turn the pages.


These books have LGBTQ+ characters whose religions are important to their lives.