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Teen Reading Lists: Science Fiction

Discover reading list suggestions for teens!

Teen Reading Lists: Science Fiction

What if? With varying degrees of realism, Science Fiction depicts the plausible, the improbable, and the seemingly impossible.

Apocalyptic Fiction

It's the end of the world as we know it. Whether it's from zombies, asteroids, or pandemics, civilization is under threat and humanity may not survive.

Cyborgs and Androids

These characters are a distinct upgrade from your run-of-the-mill human.

Dystopian Fiction

These books feature repressive governments or systems of social control that force individual citizens to question the status quo and challenge the establishment.


Extraterrestrial lifeforms in these stories visit Earth to warn, abduct, or attack humans.

Space Opera

Outer space provides endless scope for advanced civilizations to conduct political intrigues and intergalactic warfare.

Superhero Stories

These stories feature superheroes saving the world through vigilante justice. Capes optional.


Artificial intelligence, cyberterrorism, computer viruses, and technology threaten humanity's very existence in these tense, suspenseful novels

Time-Travel Fiction

Characters find themselves suddenly somewhen else—past or future.